Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Chemical War on Women

When we last saw short-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump he was embarrassing America in Scotland by declaring wind-power the worst thing that ever happened to that country

Somehow a nation that had to deal with the Romans, the Vikings, the English, the black death, starvation -- and when not starving -- haggis,  laughed at him.

Trump the self-proclaimed self-made man inherited only two things: four-hundred million dollars and no sense of shame -- so he returned to this country to be laughed at further. 

Surely when you see Donald Trump you look at him and say, now there's a man who knows a quality women's perfume...an "ewww" de toilette if you will:

And just think, if Trump somehow floats himself as a Vice Presidential nominee he can talk about how he's the best smelling potential running mate.  Which is yet another moronic statement because we all know that would be Chris Christie.

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Aaron said...

His father's middle name was "Christ". No shit. That explains why the little fucker acts like he's heir to everything.

Harry R. Sohl said...

because we all know that would be Chris Christie

Mmmmmm, bacon!

~ Harry R. Sohl

pansypoo said...

wanna bes might buy it.