Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Atlas posed

Only good deeds get punished.

But the illusion of good deeds makes a nice photo op:

Brian J. Antal, president of the Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society, said that he was not contacted by the Romney campaign ahead of the Saturday morning visit by Ryan, who stopped by the soup kitchen after a town hall at Youngstown State University.

“We’re a faith-based organization; we are apolitical because the majority of our funding is from private donations,” Antal said in a phone interview Monday afternoon. “It’s strictly in our bylaws not to do it. They showed up there, and they did not have permission. They got one of the volunteers to open up the doors.”

He added: “The photo-op they did wasn’t even accurate. He did nothing. He just came in here to get his picture taken at the dining hall.”

As TPM points out...the pots and pans he is cleaning appear to have already been clean...so Paul Ryan didn't even have to come near the dirty plates of those filthy proles.


Anonymous said...

So sweet!!!

I just used that story to throw it back into the faces of my Reich-wing friends who sent me that email in mid-September titled: "Mom and Pop Bakery says 'No' to Joe (Biden) - look what happened!"

Secret Service ASKED if Biden could come in and was told "No" by the good "Christian" owners.

Their call and no fuss. Except from the Reich-wing noise and rage machine drunk on perceived slights being a message from Big Buttery Jesus.

This is a good day! - A.J.

Anonymous said...

he also knew that teabaggers are stupid enough to think you can wash a big pot and not get wet.

pansypoo said...

how many sheeple know that ryan washed clean pots?