Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thanks so much for what you've given so far

In the Once-a-decade or so, I want money-a-thon.

Perhaps there are some of you who are thinking,

 "Y'know Jerry's Kids deserve a tad less this year...besides less Jerry, which is really a gift anyway so...";

 "Who needs to retire?";

"That poor hungry pie-eyed child in the third-world with no fresh drinking water -- sorry but this year  I'm giving so a fat American can do better than Olive Garden -- USA! USA! USA!";

"I hope he wants to buy himself an hour with a GIMP (and perhaps I do)"

You are my target demographic (I knew I should have advertised this in National Review)

So remember Obama may want you to look forward.  But I just want you to think about me and my need to buy wine that is a shade higher in quality than "Turning Leaf" or "Kendall-Jackson". That's right I want to be a "La Crema" kind of guy.

So please help me to a better class of drinking.  Give until it hurts  -- and believe me it should hurt you to even contemplate it -- maybe a GIMP could help?


Anonymous said...


D/you think Joe 'Gaffes' Biden will win today's debate?


Eh? Do yah?

Eh? Eh?

{teehee hee hee heee}

pansypoo said...

doesn't matter, THE TEEVEE GNEWS WILL SAY PRETTY BOY WON. his blue eyes are so DREAMY!