Monday, October 29, 2012

"How dare these women besmirch my name for my actions!"

Yet another woman comes forward with allegations against "family values" screamer Scott "Dr. Bad Touch" DesJarlais:
On the heels of a sex scandal involving a female patient, another woman has acknowledged having a sexual relationship with physician and U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais while she was under his medical care.

The second woman described DesJarlais as "the nicest guy" and said he cooked dinner for her at their first get-together in 2000. But she also said they smoked marijuana during their relationship and remembered DesJarlais prescribing her pain medication on dates at his home.

"His biggest thing that's completely unethical is him just picking up women while he's a doctor," the woman said in an interview last week. "I mean, seriously, that's his big no-no. ... He's just a hound."

The woman said the affair lasted six months and included mutual illicit drug use. "Scott was just a regular guy," she said. "He smoked. I mean, he smoked pot. He [did] all that stuff."
Just a regular guy doctor, having affairs with patients, giving them prescriptions on their dates and smoking some really good pot.

DesJarlais' flacks promptly declared it all a lie and blamed the press, BUT...

 The woman lives in a 4th District county close to the Chattanooga area. The Times Free Press granted her anonymity but checked her driver's license and verified her identity in DesJarlais' divorce papers -- her name is included in his ex-wife's extensive list of "potential witnesses." Court records and a family friend confirm that the woman and DesJarlais had an affair.


Anonymous said...

Nyuk, nyuk, he's a real Ward Cleaver kind of guy, isn't he?

You know, if he had a D behind his name, Faux News would be all over this 24/7...

But since he's got an R behind his name, not so much...

Anonymous said...

I can only wonder if he sends the maid out for his grass.

It doesn't get any more Republican than that.

Anonymous said...

More Republican than that?


"Sending out your Mexican gardener to beat up a homeless person and steal their stash."

"Calling your buddy, the local Chief of Police, and telling him you'll take him golfing over at the country club if he brings along some weed."

"Copping a dime bag from your pal George W. Bush."

pansypoo said...

sounds like a predator.