Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Now THAT'S Republican Leadership

Behold the inherent "goodness" of the system:

When Mitt Romney served as CEO of Bain & Co., his consulting firm helped tobacco giant Philip Morris develop a groundbreaking sales strategy that researchers say has been linked to an unprecedented spike in youth smoking.

On Friday April 2, 1993, Philip Morris stunned Wall Street and tobacco experts by the slashing price on its flagship Marlboro brand by 40 cents a pack, to $1.80. It was a landmark day for the tobacco industry, one that became known as "Marlboro Friday" to public health experts.

The radical move was deemed by top Philip Morris executives as necessary based in part on more than two years of Bain research.

Plus the phrase "binders full of women" has got to be the most inelegant turn of a phrase I can think of.   It's like describing a serial killer's portfolio. 


Anonymous said...

It was probably a Trapper Keeper, too. The rich kids always had those.

pansypoo said...

cancer fodder.