Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Way to ruin another sport

It was bad enough that any sports organization would hire Ari Fleischer.

But the NHL owners, having locked-out their players for something like the third straight time after the CBA expired had the brilliant idea to hire...

Frank Luntz.

So essentially an American jackass is going to hold all of Canada hostage to his wankery.


Abu Scooter said...

Beware of anyone who advocates "shared sacrifice." They usually want everyone to sacrifice except themselves. [See: the EU, or the Simpson-Bowles boys.]

At this rate, though, the NHL owners might have to genuinely share in the suffering that their stupidity and greed are generating. It won't take NHL fans long to notice that some of the league's best players have already jumped to European leagues. Those players won't be coming back, and after a while, neither will the fans.

Anonymous said...

Like ants to a picnic, whenever there are rich assholes making money from the unhappiness of others, Frank Luntz is sure to appear sooner or later.

pansypoo said...

its never sgared by the rich tho.