Tuesday, October 09, 2012

So, panic then?

Is that what were supposed to do now because of some bad polls.

That' s so easy in a Democrat's DNA.

I'm going to vote "nah".


Anonymous said...

oh good, i was hoping to avoid the panic. you know, the reaction of folks just because Romney got up and lied smoothly in front of the camera's kinda irks me. no one can really debate a pathological liar because there is no there there to actually respond to. it' all glamour and no heat and to actually do what everyone would have liked obama to do (i.e.: call him out on it) would play directly into the draw mittens would have wanted for his racist fear whipped ultra-cons... "look at the uppity black guy talking to the master!" sounds crude, but it's how racist dog whistles work.

obama trapped him with his own lies. the more exposure mittens has now, lying and lying and NOW getting called on it by others as well, will work far more effectively... i hope.

wish it didn't always have to get worse before things get better.

and by the way, obama's taken some darned brave stances in the last few months, all of them recognized overseas. the world believes in the USA with him at the helm, and hillary is universally respected as well. i've sent my ballot in from overseas, now i just wait.

let's see which of the people in our country actually stand up and vote before we get our knickers in a twist!~


pansypoo said...

i am glad democrats not getting a chance to be lazy.