Friday, October 12, 2012

So, I guess that was better?

Joe Biden apparently managed to remember to call the other guy an asshole last night and this happened:

It was a performance by the vice president guaranteed to amp up -– and buck up -– worried Democrats, who had fallen into a paralysis of anxiety after the president's debate. No one represented that Democratic angst more than blogger Andrew Sullivan, a supporter of the president.

Obama adviser David Axelrod said "Andrew is a unique thinker, and I can't speak for how he might react to this. I hope he is [reassured]," Axelrod said, adding that he had "high regard for [Sullivan] by the way."

Sullivan, for the record,
called the night "a solid win for Biden" and called Ryan "competent."
 Look, here's my tip --

No campaign should be run with the thought it will determine whether Andrew Sullivan pitches one of his frequent fits.  I was around when he called all of us on the left a "fifth column" when he was cheerleading the Iraq War and I'm still around now.  He can go ahead and jump if he feels the need.

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