Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Something new?

Now THAT'S some fine logic:
It is disappointing after just posting a clip of New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman pointing out a foreign policy success of the president, that he would then go off the rails just a few minutes later and say something this stupid and offensive. Friedman tells The Gregory that (in his opinion) the Obama Campaign must worry that there are a lot of people who only voted for Obama in order to elect "the first black president", but that it didn't work out and therefore are now ready to "try something new."
Yeah, rich white guy as President -- HOW NOVEL! I-D-I-O-T


Montag said...

The Moustache of Mass Destruction is not, I repeat, not, and never was, a deep thinker, and much shame is due the NYT for foisting him on us in the first place. His atrociously written books are trivial and shallow--they are, after all, directed to an audience that's trivial and shallow--and he's at heart a cheerleader for imperialism and for corporate domination of world affairs.

That's he's this stupid comes as no surprise, whatsoever.

StonyPillow said...

Just like GGP is doing with Sandeep Mathrani?

The Moustache of Understanding is a paragon of something, alright.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's let the millionaires and billionaires run the country, since they own it anyway... What could possibly go wrong?

pansypoo said...

friedman being friedman at its worst.