Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Not to get all too soccery

But there was an ugly, ugly racial incident in Serbia yesterday (your #1 sponsor/participant of genocide in the 90s)  where black English players (playing in an "under-21" match btw) were subjected to abuse by Serbian fans ranging from monkey chants to being pelted with rocks, bottles and coins.

The Serbian police and players were of no help whatsoever.

But how seriously will the European governing body take it?  Look at how they have taken it before:

yet a glance at previous sanctions suggests that the governing body is yet to take it seriously enough: £45,000 Spain 2004 (racism); £16,500 Serbia 2007 (racism); £10,000 Croatia 2008 (racism); £80,000 Bendtner (pants). The last of these, of course, was Denmark striker Nicklas' fine for wearing sponsored underpants. That says rather too much.
Corporate sponsors uber alles.


jimmiraybob said...

I vote we send Rmoney and Ryan to go over and fix things.

pansypoo said...