Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wait a minute, isn't this Obama's America?

You know, just one wife at a time and all that?

Dinesh D’Souza is facing some tough questions from his fellow Christians over a night spent in a hotel room with a woman he introduced as a his fiancée – despite still having a wife.

Hey, right-wing asshole, that Mormon guy isn't President yet.



Anonymous said...

The fun part of that article was author Jillian Rayfield's sub-title:

"..the right wing will force him to defend himself."

Bwahahahahahahahahaha! What a dreamer.


Anonymous said...

For some reason Bill Mahar feels it necessary to have a lot of GOPers on his TV show, and this Dinesh D'Souza character is often one of them.

He certainly is one bizarre looking fella, isn't he?

Looks like he is just seething with anger, bile, hatred and other assorted right wing baggage.

The right winger armchair psychologists who claim to be so good at psychoanalyzing people from watching them on TV might want to focus for just a minute or two on this guy, because he looks totally friggin' nuts.

I suppose this ain't late breaking news to most folks at this website, still it needs to be restated from time to time--- A lot of these wing nuts really are NUTS.

pansypoo said...

my uncle saw that piece of shit film. his dad would have hatted mitt. he couldn't stand reagan. W woulda killed him.