Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Rich...they just get away with more than you

And are therefore, by their own definition -- better:

Federal prosecutors and pro-Israel Republican stalwart Sheldon Adelson’s casino company Las Vegas Sands Corp. may have come to an understanding on issues pertaining to money-laundering laws allegedly violated in the cases of two criminal high-rollers.

Lawyers for the Sands and federal prosecutors met on Thursday after the Sands failed to obtain a dismissal.  Prosecutors threatened to charge the Sands and a company executive with conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Now, the prosecution may indeed drop the case, with the Sands paying a fine and updating regulations on handling customer money.

Now Sheldon will have more time to spend with Mitt Romney's family.


Montag said...

One would think that a federal judge refusing to issue a dismissal for cause in a criminal case would be a blazingly bright signal to prosecutors to proceed with the case.

Laundering money through casinos is almost as effective and nearly as cheap as doing it through banks, which is why there are controls on reporting for casinos and banks, and casino operators don't get to play stupid on this. The feds shouldn't be letting them off the hook.

In this case, though, we're talking about a fatcat contributor to a candidate for President--in the midst of a campaign. Must not make the Rmoneybot look bad by association, for fear of making Obama look like he's using government for political ends....

Since campaigns are now four years long, the prosecution of fatcats is officially off-limits, I suppose.

pansypoo said...