Sunday, December 02, 2012

If Conservatives want to know

Why minorities and women will not vote for them, look no further than the continued wingnut funding of Charles Murray.

It is bad enough that this guy falsely posited that blacks are genetically intellectually inferior using hackneyed stats in the Bell Curve.   But he got a quarter-century of funded pseudo-intellectual babble out of it.

Think that might piss a black person off?

Well now he feels the need to take on the ladies.

Murray, however, appears to have set aside his retrograde views about race in order to tout equally backwards views about gender. In a short piece on AEI’s website, Murray recently suggested that “benevolent sexism” might be “healthy.” The only problem is that he appears not to have read the research on which he bases this extraordinary conclusion, which cited strong evidence that “benevolent sexism” was itself linked to discrimination against women and rape victims.
And he'll get another round of checks from right-wing think tanks.

Next up from Murray, "Latinos just don't work hard", "The Polish Rocket Scientist" and "Asian drivers, am I right?"


StonyPillow said...

Freedom. Opportunity. Enterprise.

You keep using those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

Anonymous said...

Next up from Murray...

He could collaborate with any number of wingnut Republicans (but I repeat myself) with "Slavery, Actually the Best Thing That Could Have Happened to Those People."

pansypoo said...

the ability to open a pickle jar does not equal higher thinking skills.

Montag said...

I'll bet Thanksgiving dinner with Murray is a real treat for his relatives....