Monday, November 08, 2004

200,000 Visitors.

And only 190,000 of them the result of blogwhoring.

Thank you all for coming to visit us on occasion and being subjected to, "Angst filled missives on the fate of American Democracy -- half-hearted or completely botched attempts at humor and constant, unadulterated whining!"

And I especially want to remember you, Poland.

Without you, we'd have only 199,997 visitors.

But what is up with you Burkina Faso?

Not one of you has ever visited! I mean sure, Ouagadougou is always swingin' but still, not one quiet moment of surfing leading you to this page?

Jeebus, even Lileks has visitors from Banfora!

It's all Benin all the time now.

You're Dead to Me, former Upper Volta, Dead!

Nothing personal.

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