Tuesday, November 30, 2004

General Turgidson, Paging General Buck Turgidson

Somebody agrees that the Iranians are stealing his precious bodily fluids:

Abizaid, the top commander for Afghanistan and Iraq, said any nation perceiving a weakness in the U.S. military should think twice.

"We can generate more military power per square inch than anybody else on Earth, and everybody knows it," Abizaid said. "If you ever even contemplate our nuclear capability, it should give everybody the clear understanding that there is no power that can match the United States militarily."

I believe, after making this statement, the General forgot to madly cackle the obligatory, "Bwaha-ha-ha!"

Sadly for us, we don't even have a man as competent as Merkin Muffley in the White House.

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