Monday, November 22, 2004

Weekend in Pictures

Attaturk is pretty busy before his annual belt-loosening, gas-filled, watch the Lion's lose to the (name AFC team here), sleepy, heart-burn day. Nonetheless, the Preznit's weekend in Chile (or as he calls it "mmmm, Chili") requires some sort of response:

The Head-of-State "Whack-a-mole" game was especially popular this year.

Pres. Bush: "Hey how come everybody else's poncho says "I'm con estúpido" but mine?

El Presidente's security guard is detained, for security purposes.

Manly man of virtue, reenacts the Battle of Fallujah.

"Look, I think it's good to see the Tax Returns of PETA Members and Dick Clarke."

"Buffet table? Gotta go!"

"Let's see, 1-900-Butt-Sex"

"I promise to make Democrats look back fondly on the strong determined leadership of the Daschle years."

"Dear Mr. President, I regret that I must resign from the Department of Education. Sincerely, that Black Guy that isn't Colin."

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