Sunday, November 14, 2004

They WILL overdo it

I've posted before that the GOP will undoubtedly overreach and overstep the nature of the so-called mandate they received from the voters. Further, I've argued it is time to get back to the reasons so many of us are Democrats or progressives in the first place, economic progressivism. Fighting for economic fairness is not, as some Democrats seem to think, unpopular. Rather, they are not being fought for hard enough.

A recent poll (focusing on Catholics) supports these arguments.

The first area is in the so-called "moral issues" vote. A new Zogby poll backs this up.

"A new poll released today by Zogby International on the results of last Tuesday’s election shows that American voters think the urgent moral issues facing our country are peace, poverty and greed – and that Catholic voters overwhelmingly think that issues of economic justice are the greatest moral crisis in the United States today. "


". . . Asked the question of the greatest moral crisis facing our country, 31% of Catholics chose poverty and 31% chose greed, compared to only 20% who chose abortion, and 11% that chose same-sex marriage. Further, more Catholic voters were turned off by messages from conservative leaders trumpeting ‘non-negotiable’ issues, as opposed to Catholic groups who held up a broad range of moral issues. According to Zogby, 25% of voters said that conservative Catholic messages touting ‘non-negotiable’ issues made them more likely to vote for Sen. John Kerry, whereas only 20% said these messages made them more likely to vote for President George W. Bush. Fifty-six percent said these messages had no effect on them at all."

I'm no professional analyst, or pundit (so maybe my credibility is higher?) but it seems pretty obvious to me that it is time to take this GOP class warfare garbage and stick it right back in their eye.

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