Thursday, November 18, 2004

Bush's America, Addressing the Important Stuff

From Reuters:

The Federal Communications Commission (news - web sites) on Wednesday reviewed complaints about ABC's steamy "Desperate Housewives" promotion before "Monday Night Football" and while the agency's chairman expressed disappointment, it was not clear whether government would tackle the network.

Naturally, the pride of Colin's loins had to chip in with his usual gravitas:

"First of all, as a legal matter, whether it's a problem is yet to be determined. We only respond to complaints and evaluate them fairly and make a decision," Powell said in an interview with CNBC.

"But I think it's very disappointing. I wonder if Walt Disney would be proud," Powell added.

Why don't we defrost Walt and ask him?

Is Michael Powell saying that Walt didn't like women dropping their towels before him.


There, new fucking meme!!!

We are having people killed by the truckload in a land half a world away in a completely fucked up way.

And the press is dominated by this shit. Hell, I'm guilty of it too, I've bitched about it three or four times already (not the MNF moment but the incredible, fabricated, over-reaction).

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