Monday, November 22, 2004

Bill Safiar, Forsooth Metamorphing into Bobo

Eric Boehlert at Salon wonders why he got away with lying for so long? Well, an association with Nixon comes with some cache. Has Safliar been a liar longer than Pat Buchanan, or are they simply tied?

I think the major reason Safiar got away with lying for so long is that nobody at the times understood what the hell he was saying. He might as well have been edited by the staff at "NASCAR ILL-STRATED".

N.I. Editor: Gol' dang, I cannot understand a word this guy is sayin'!

N.I. Ass't Editor: Me either. But he uses plumbass big ol' words so it must be true!

N.I. Editor: Fuckin' a, you're right. Chaw?

N.I. Ass't Editor: Nah, no thanks, I've got to finish off my Jack & RC first.

N.I. Editor: You don't see shit like this in the liberal jewish media.

However, after pulling the wool over the eyes of the gray lady, Safiar goes off into the dark night by showing us that at the end, he is less the hack of lingual puffery, than a cheap Bobo knockoff -- here he is advocating for the "Ah-nold" Amendment and predicting the 2008 tickets of the respective parties.

After ratification of the 28th Amendment in 2007, I envision a G.O.P. ticket the next year with Rudy Giuliani or John McCain on top and Schwarzenegger as running-mate. For Democrats, Evan Bayh or Hillary Clinton for president, Peter Jennings (Canadian-born) for v.p.

Chew that one over.

Bill, you're a dried up old hack.

Gum that one over.

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