Monday, November 22, 2004

Thanks for Your Nominations...

Well, even on a Sunday, the nominations for Commander Half-Mast's yacht poured in. A few of the many wonderful nominees...

1. U.S.S. Imperial Hubris, via Guy
2. The S.S. Nucular from Charlotte Smith
3. The S.S. Smirk from Watertiger
4. Batson suggests the S.S. Strategery.
5. Anonymous in N.C. suggested plain and simply, the "S.S."
6. Spoko had many a suggestion, but my favorites were: the S.S. Thanks Homos!, and S.S. Swiftboat of Justice
7. WWIIIAI also had many, including "the S.S. And I Can Start Drinking Again On It And No One Would Ever Find Out And Why Are You Writing That Down?"
8. Elroon had a few as well, including, S.S. Goodship Lollypop

Those are a few of them, though I suggest most all of them.

Here's to hoping that eventually the accurate name of the ship may as well have been the "S.S. Bounty" (or HMS depending on your inclination), or for you american version fans, "U.S.S. Caine", although "Titanic" as suggested by a few of you may be appropriate.

Thanks for all your contributions.

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