Wednesday, November 17, 2004

NY Times Editorialist in their Underwear?

Jesse, no I'm sorry, Ezra, ah hell, I'm too lazy to look...

"Jezra" at Pandagon comments upon a suggestion, from those who cannot be named, that the New York Times replace the retiring Bill Safire with a rotating series of internet bloggers.

Safire is retiring, though I believe he will be retired only until he drinks deeply of the blood of a virginal etymologist. It could be a long wait, because those etymologist, well who wouldn't "hit" that?

Etymologist are "nape deep in da' honeys yo'"!

Why do they call it a "johnson"? Samuel Johnson, that's why.

Noah Webster? "re-defined" the meaning of lothario.

The Oxford English Dictionary took as long as it did because of endless nights researching the meaning of "debauchery". James Murray just couldn't help himself. You should see the amount of research the new OED editors are doing on whether or not to add "bukkake" to the next edition!

Strictly speaking, in the late 1970s you could not do better with the ladies than Bill Safiar and Edwin Newman. The two word-hounds would go out together, do a couple of lines, and only have to speak a few amorous words to the coked up ladies of Studio 54.

Meanwhile, Strunk and White? They might as well have worn a "I have Herpes" sign on their chests.

I'm sorry, where was I? I was too deep in the satisfaction of a tangent gone too far...

Before I move on, let me just ask my readers, where else can you get this kind of analysis? I defy you to find this sort of in-depth discussion at "Talking Points Memo"!

OK, on with the rest of the post.

The idea of bloggers on the New York Times editorial page?

Why not?

And Attaturk volunteers his services. What could be a better editorial at the "gray lady" than a photo essay about Condi Rice scratching Bush's balls?

It would be no worse than the two times a week, Bobo cranks out a column that demonstrates that all he does is scratch his own sack.

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