Monday, November 22, 2004

Lower Your Expectations...

Our friend from the "internets" Holden at First Draft, has deligently spent the last several months in a desperate search for his Bush-Boom . Sadly, but not unexpectedly, it has had the same results as those mounted for Emelia Earhardt and Jimmy Hoffa.

Meanwhile, the "analysts" who enjoy those Bush II Tax Cuts are singing the praises of our Chimp-in-Chief's miraculous plan to keep the non-prosperity coasting along (well, not exactly singing really, more like mouthing the lyrics).

Economists estimate that an average of about 1.4 million jobs in the United States will be created each year over the next decade as businesses strive ever more to compete globally. That compares with an average of about 2.8 million added annually during President Clinton's eight years in office.

``We can expect to see a mediocre job market for the next year from the perspective of workers,'' said Peter Morici, an economist and international business professor at the University of Maryland. ``And we can expect to see moderate growth in the economy and employment, but not enough to turn what is essentially a buyers' market into a sellers' market.''

Analysts say Bush's tax cuts helped the economy through recession and that while job creation lagged, extending them would encourage new hiring.

Employers added 1.8 million new workers to their payrolls so far this year, with the hiring outlook brightening greatly in October. But there are 371,000 fewer jobs than when Bush took office in 2001.

Wow, 1.4 million jobs a year, that's only 400,000 less annually than you need to keep up with population growth!

Well, at least we got a crushing deficit, weak dollar, and unbelievable trade deficit to go with it. All enabling me to obtain a T-Shirt of low quality, made with the fractured hands of a Chinese prison-worker.

I think it's time to lower our expectations of what constitutes a real "Bush-Boom", I think we are going to have to be satisfied with a "Bush Popcorn Fart".

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