Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Wingnutted States of 'Murica

Welcome to George W. Bush's Redstate Fantasyland. Your United States, circa 2004.

They may not believe in Rhythmic Dance, but they like the Rhythm Method:

For a year, Julee Lacey stopped in a CVS pharmacy near her home in a Fort Worth suburb to get refills of her birth-control pills. Then one day last March, the pharmacist refused to fill Lacey's prescription because she did not believe in birth control.

"I was shocked," says Lacey, 33, who was not able to get her prescription until the next day and missed taking one of her pills. "Their job is not to regulate what people take or do. It's just to fill the prescription that was ordered by my physician."

Hey, this Environmental Degradation, Opens the Doors to even more Environmental Degradation!

Rising global temperatures will melt areas of the Arctic this century, making them more accessible for oil and natural gas drilling, a report prepared by the United States and seven other nations said on Monday.


Such a change would threaten coastal cities, change growing patterns for vegetation and destroy habitats for some wildlife, but an energy-starved world would have new areas for oil and gas exploration, according to the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment report.

That's right, you are not having a nightmare, those two paragraphs appeared in the same story.


President Bush is holding fast to his rejection of mandatory curbs on greenhouse gases that are blamed for global warming, despite a fresh report from 300 scientists in the United States and seven other nations that shows Arctic temperatures are rising.

Well, since it helps out his buddies in the oil & natural gas industry, this global warming thing sounds like a good idea.

Is there anything left to say but, WHAT A BUNCH OF FUCKING IDIOTS!!!

And that's not all...

A trial opened Monday over whether a warning sticker in suburban Atlanta biology textbooks that says evolution is "a theory, not a fact" violates the separation of church and state by promoting religion.

The case is one of several battles that have been waged in recent years in the Bible Belt over what role evolution should play in science books.

Cobb County schools put the disclaimers in biology texts two years ago after more than 2,000 parents complained the books presented evolution as fact without mentioning rival ideas about the origin of life, namely creationism.

And even in the blue states:

The Grantsburg School District has approved a policy that would allow theories other than evolution to be taught in the classroom.

Wisconsin law mandates that evolution be taught, but school districts are free to create their own curricular standards, which do not have to be consistent with the state's model, said Joe Donovan, a spokesman for the state Department of Public Instruction.

The school board felt state law was too restrictive, said Grantsburg superintendent Joni Burgin.

So when the board examined a new science curriculum, as it does every six years, a line was added calling for "various models/theories" of origin to be incorporated.

It could allow a theory known as intelligent design, which says that natural laws and chance alone cannot explain all natural phenomena and that an intelligent design is behind the origin of species, to be taught.

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