Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Fatalistic Morons

You know that stereotype we have of a typical Russian -- fatalistic about their lot in life, thinking that as bad as the current czar, tsar, csar, Party Secretary, or President may be, whatever is around the corner will probably suck even more.

Well, the stereotypical Russian is looking an awful lot like the stereotypical American. Holden at First Draft provides this information on the latest NY Times Poll of the populace:

Country's direction
Right Track 40%
Wrong Track 54%

Bush's handling of foreign policy
Approve 44%
Disapprove 48%

Bush's handling of the economy
Approve 42%
Disapprove 51%

Bush's handling of Iraq
Approve 40%
Disapprove 55%

Is the economy getting better, worse, or staying the same?
Better 26%
Worse 29%
Same 44%

Do you have confidence in George W. Bush’s ability to deal wisely with a difficult international crisis or are you uneasy about his approach?
Confident 47%
Uneasy 51%

Do you have confidence in George W. Bush's ability to make the right decisions about the nation's economy, or are you uneasy about his approach?
Confident 46%
Uneasy 52%

Do you think George W. Bush is likely or not likely to make sure Social Security benefits are there for people like you?
Likely 38%
Not Likely 51%

Do you think large corporations have too much influence, too little influence, or the right amount of influence in the Bush Administration?
Too Much 66%
Too Little 4%
Right Amount 19%

Should Bush's tax cuts expire?
Yes 45%
No 41%

What should be the higher priority?
Cutting Taxes 28%
Reducing the Deficit 67%

Do you favor a flat tax?
Yes 26%
No 34%
Don't Know 37%

Who would benefit the most from a flat tax?
The Rich 54%
The Poor 6%
The Middle Class 26%

Party Favorability
Favorable 49%
Unfavorable 46%

Party Favorability
Favorable 54%
Unfavorable 39%

Should we have invaded Iraq?
Yes 46%
No 48%

Is the War on Iraq part of the War on Terra?
Major Part 34%
Minor Part 9%
No Way 51%

I am not one of those bashing the Kerry Campaign for losing the election, I thought they ran a pretty good campaign, and I happily voted for the man. People's feelings on the concession and vote fraud may vary.

But if the Democratic Party lost to the GOP, it doesn't appear that the electorate did much more than just collectively shrug and vote for the moron again. What other explanation works beyond, "it really sucks, but what the hell it was going to suck anyway."?

Couple this with the poll on "evolution" and the state of the American electorate is surely set to "idiotic".

I'm too fucking earthy to be an elitist, but apparently believing in responsibility and open to change makes me part of the elite. So, if I'm part of the elite, where the fuck is my money and my free blow?

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