Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Collective Imbecility

More than 48% of those who voted, of course, voted for rationality over imbecility, though another 40 plus percent of us did not vote at all, so coupled with the 51% who voted for Bush and the key policy decision he has made, one can only assume...collectively those of us who voted for Kerry are still collectively lumped in with the boneheads.

Thus, we all wear the taint of collective imbecility.

But, hey, at least we are not alone, the UK has this problem too.

The public's opposition to the war in Iraq has reached a record high, according to an opinion poll in the Times.

The survey published on Tuesday found 57 percent thought taking military action to oust former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was wrong, compared to 31 percent who supported it...

Despite this, the Blair Government is still favored to win a general election. It should be added that Labour is still better than the Tories on all the issues [though a lot of Tories also think Bush is nuts].

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