Monday, November 22, 2004

Meanwhile, in the latest of First World War Analogies

Comes Michael Kinsley asking the question about Iraq:

Has there ever before been a war that so many people disapproved of but so few wanted to stop?

Um, YEP!

Hell, I thought most people, especially a Kinsley, knew the World War One story, the Dear Nicky/Willy letters, of two guys who wanted the First World War to stop before it ever began, only to be told it was too late.

Turned out it was too late for them as well. Nicky ended up shot with the rest of his family five years later in a basement; Willy and his withered left arm did empty marches while in exile.

And then we had Vietnam for this country.

So yes, there has been such a war before.

So what keeps futulity going?

"HONOR" that's what. The whole goddamned First World War started because of it, and now that word perpetuates it in Iraq.

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