Monday, November 15, 2004

Powell leaves, Rummy Stays... WTF!???

Now that Mr. Leak is leaving the white house can we look forward to an Ashcroft-Powell double CD? I hear that Colin has a sweet singing voice. I know that SONYWARNERUNIVERSALISLANDTVTRECORDS is looking forward to releasing the Big Stick Johnny Ashcroft album. Just imagine the beauty of 'Where the Eagle flies' with Ashcroft and Powell. Maybe they can even get Ozzy to make a guest vocal on the record. I hear he's slumming with the repubublicans lately.

Speaking of slumming, I wonder what Donald Kill-Kill Rumsfeld is planning? Maybe a comeback tour? I hear that you're very popular in Iraq, Rummy. Please think about making it a world tour starting in Afghanistan or maybe even Falujah.

Oh yeah, some US marines killed some unarmed people today waiting for medical evacuation. Ah, lovely. And there is video to go with it. Cue big sigh.

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