Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Just Two Steps Back

A most juvenile story.

"Don't scratch his balls, that's my thing!"

"Unfortunately, it appears the scratching the balls thing is out"

"So about the balls, why can't she scratch them?"

"And your new role as Undersecretary of State will be to prevent the balls from being scratched"

"That's right fellas, no ball scratching, that's for both of them"

"Dammit, they itch, and it feels good, she's not the boss of me."

"I'm sorry, maybe you can get a Tory to do that, but not me."

"Why not, it feels good, here I'll scratch yours for you, you'll see."

"And I knew a change in our relationship had occurred when the President told me, 'from now on scratch your own.'

"Um...no comment."

I will not be denied!

"OK, she's not looking, start scratchin' baby!"

*whistles* "Swingin' free" *whistles*

I scratched them, and now I'll get your job and you'll never need to touch them again.

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