Thursday, March 17, 2005

Happy Manufactured Drinking Day!

I'm going to do all my stereotypes right! (Not being at all Irish)

...I'm going to skip breakfast and instead look at a withered old potato!

...I'm going to pretend I'm a crooked cop!

...I'm going to have myself a Shamrock Shake! (That's the Traditional Dessert of Ireland right?)

...I'm going to invest money in my IRA!

...I'm going to rant about how U2 has sold out man and talk about how Black47 is so much cooler!

...I'm going to speak in a bad Irish accent and ask my co-workers if they've seen "me Lucky Charms?

...I'm then going to file for unemployment!

...I'm going to beat the shit out of my fractional English Heritage!

...I'm going to skip drinking beer and just go straight to downing bottle after bottle of green food coloring!

...I'm going to drive the snakes out of me wee trousers!

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