Monday, May 09, 2011

Hey, something else he had in common with Trump and/or Teabaggers

Bin Laden hated making buildings that were up to code and evaded paying his property taxes (and someone no one try going 6 years without paying your property tax and see what happens):

The file also shows that the occupants never paid any property tax, and that the completed building breached several guidelines. The file says the house had a “flush system” and a drainage tank. The official address on file is: House No 3, Street No 8-A, Garga Road, Thanda Chowa, Hashmi Colony, Abbottabad.

via Balloon Juice


Athenawise said...

Ooo, boy. Now that AARP has his address, the junk mail won't stop coming.

pansypoo said...

just a typical rich man.