Monday, May 09, 2011

Wow, like a Freshman Nerds dorm computer

The contents may only somewhat overlap:

A law enforcement source tells CBS News that 2.7 terabytes of data were recovered from the laptops, computers, hard drives and other storage devices seized from the bin Laden compound. It's unclear whether all of the 2.7 terabytes are original files or if there are multiple copies of files.

Okay, let us make this simple...there are absolutely a lot of multiple copies.


StonyPillow said...

Too much goat pr0n.

Montag said...

Apart from, undoubtedly, a great deal of that being video, I'm sure there's enough in there for the FBI and CIA to go off in a thousand new and different directions and to pump up the contracts of all the intelligence and security contractors by another few dozen billion dollars.

The eternal war on terror is the ultimate self-licking ice cream cone. Both success and failure guarantee more profit.

Athenawise said...

I thought the same thing, Montag. It doesn't take much to set the intelligence community roaring, and this is a perfect storm.

pansypoo said...

but the most impotant, PC or apple and if PC what windows?

Anonymous said...

not another damn iced cone for Blackwater or any security outfit owned by a guy named Eric Prince

MD said...

... Hey-Zeus !!! All I want to know is did he have McAfee or Norton.