Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bad Bye

And in that Universe, Jay Leno would be trendy:

Physicists at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory are reporting that they have discovered a new clue that could help unravel one of the biggest mysteries of cosmology: why the universe is composed of matter and not its evil-twin opposite, antimatter. If confirmed, the finding portends fundamental discoveries at the new Large Hadron Collider outside Geneva, as well as a possible explanation for our own existence.

via AmericaBlog, photo from here.


StonyPillow said...

It is the Toe of God.

pansypoo said...

or 2012 is when humans finally wipe us out.

Major Woody said...

Evil Spock rocks!

Anonymous said...

But what if we are the real anti-matter and the other stuff is what we should have been? It would help explain teabaggers, birthers and Rand Paul.

Anonymous said...

Does this matter one way or another?
Another scientific fart in the wind.
It happens now and then