Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well in that case

Since it's good enough for John Derbyshire, dead people are giving me blurbs too:

"Once I got over the fact I may not have been looking at a creation of the Devil on this thing called the internet, I realized that not only was this the only blog I have ever looked at -- as I have no idea what a blog is - it is the greatest blog I have ever looked at. Hey look at me, understanding English and all.

Now, tell me what a blow job is."

- Martin Luther, 1483-1546

"I am pleased that I am still in the hearts of those countrymen who have heard of me, all 3% of you, except for the occasional black person -- my sincerest apologies. Nice job on the foreign entanglements by the way -- that is what you kids call "snark" I am verily informed, like that biography someone made of me (only 1 set of balls btw, I cannot tell a lie -- though I was hung like a goddamned horse!). And this "blog" thing seems to have, for the most part, legible words and phrases -- though this QWERTY thing should die.

Now, tell me what a blow job is."

- George Washington, 1732-1799

"Who gives a shit about your blog. They burned me motherfuckers! Suck on that one Lindsay Lohan!"
- Joan d'Arc, 1412-1431

"It seems a pretty awesome blog, but then again, I thought it was just a big fucking wooden horse."
- King Priam


jimmiraybob said...

I didn't used to believe in weird stuff like this until I got a message this morning - a tiny voice from my dental fillings said:

"Please pass this on to that wise and handsome Dr. Turk, for I too was a wise and handsome Dr. in my time, 'Best blog ever.' And, in my time we called it a Calvin job....or a Luther job.

"PS Joan de Arc, get over it and stop whining. It's not like you were the first or last to roast."

- Michael Servetus (1511-1553)

pansypoo said...

i hear guy fawkes thinks O/A rocks.

JDM said...

Misericordia, misericordia, misericordia.

C. Adderly

Anonymous said...

Guy Fawkes: a teabagging blogger who got boinked while plotting to blow up the noisiest blog party on earth -
the british parliament or BP vox

Major Woody said...

"Derbyshire's book is a must read for those who are loyal to the Fatherland!" A. Hitler