Friday, May 14, 2010


The oil spigot off Louisiana/Mississippi is getting worse all the time, just horrendous.

I have an idea, maybe the Obama Administration can talk to the Russians about having some of the guys who stopped the radiation spillage out of Chernobyl come to the Gulf to fix the oil leak?

...oh, right.


pansypoo said...

i think obama needs to invite the BP CEO to the oval office and then punch him in the mouth.

JDM said...

Instead of just blowing him the way he's been doing?

montag said...

The Roosians have already suggested we use a tactical nuke to close the well.

Major Woody said...

Screw all this wimpy talk of tactical nukes. We need to use a few of the big strategic nukes if we're really serious about making a catastrophic situation worse. In fact, isn't it about time for a War on the Leak? I'd volunteer to be the Leak Czar.