Friday, May 21, 2010

Feel all reformed?

The Senate passed its version of Financial Reform last night, 59-39. Two Democrats, Cantwell and Feingold voted nay as they thought it did not go far enough. However, four Republicans voted yes. Three of them were Collins, Snowe and Grassley, who is suddenly in a tougher than expected re-election fight.

And the fourth was former - and literal - teaparty poster heartthrob Scott Brown. How's that "Nopey Derangey" thing workin' out for ya'?

Meanwhile, brand new teaparty hunk of self-reliant manlove Rand Paul came out and declared the bill TOTALLY unconstitutional, but he really supports the parts that poll well -- as long as it doesn't include people with disabilities (face meet palms).

You know if nothing else, and I mean that literally, he's going to be good for the blogging -- hopefully even better in about six months when he is signed by FoxNews in a desperate effort to boost the ratings of Glenn Beck's sagging Goldline infomercial.

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Expat said...

The likelihood of existential failure is approaching 1.

The institutionalization of corruption has reached 1:1.

Expectations of veracity are at 0 (zero).

Chances of meaningful response >0 (less than zero)

Ability to give warning of future = that of Cassandra.

Anonymous said...

And confidence is high.

guessed said...

re rand paul

AMY GOODMAN: I want to turn to another issue, that of Rand Paul’s former communications director, Christopher Hightower. He resigned in December after his MySpace page was found to have a post declaring "Happy N-Word Day"—but it used the full word—and showing a photo of a lynching around the time of the federal Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

jesus. i missed this story. was it an issue during the primary?

pansypoo said...

if palin is tossed off gnews. thang god for the idiot rand.