Saturday, May 22, 2010

Y'know NBC

As Atrios suggested, I bet Rand Paul's opponent in Kentucky, Jack Conway, (the guy who in spite of a close primary got far more votes than Rand Paul) would be more than happy to appear on your awful Sunday morning program.

Not that you'd ever think to ask him to appear.

But he's a Democrat so why should David Gregory give a shit?


jimmiraybob said...

If I were Conway, I'd rather be kickin' back and not appear on MTP while Rand continues to "explain" hisself elsewhere. Let us just sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of libertarian government explained.

What's that? You think I'm making fun of the prospect of libertarian government? Absolutely not. Who's to say the nation couldn't be run efficiently by 13-14 people out of the new Capitol - the back of a flat in Hoboken*. (But they'd all have to have jobs to pay rent and utilities on the flat. Cause you're not gonna rob me with exorbitant taxes to support that kind of waste and corruption.)

*doesn't have to be Hoboken, just liked the sound - could be a rental truck or frontier outpost in Arctic Alaska.

sukabi said...

jimmiraybob, I like the way you think, and in the event of a libertarian rising, I vote for your second choice the Alaskan Artic in an igloo they make themselves (better that way, not a fire hazard, and in a location where they will spend an inordinate amount of time building their own communications devices and the lines to connect to the rest of the lower 48) ... then we can get on with trying to dig out of the mess we're currently in.

pansypoo said...

too logical.

and you guys, don't forget it's kentucky, and probably full of dittoheads and beckkkies and obama haters. and very WHITE.

jimmiraybob said...

sukabi - I vote for your second choice the Alaskan Artic in an igloo they make themselves

I can already envision a line of commemorative USA Ice Cubes ads on late night TV. Of course that might require a Department of Ice Cubes & Commemorative Trinkets, which would automatically nix the deal.

Being a libertarian government strategist is hard hard work. More so than clearing brush in Texas in August.