Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Most Trusted Name in "News"

Ahh, CNN. Shining beacon of rational discourse.

No wonder Campbell Brown quit.


jimmiraybob said...

Here CNN, this is all you need to print about Ms. Debbie "Genocide's the Answer" Schlussel and her Neocon buddies:

"While I want Israel to beat HAMAS, there is only one way to do so–total annihilation of the Palestinians, who are all HAMAS."

And if you can't tell a Palestinian from a Lebanese from an Arab from a Muslim you may as well be safe and kill them all.

CNN, the most trusted name in giving genocidal sociopaths exposure.

pansypoo said...

CNN still can't pick a lane.

Anonymous said...

jimmyray...what about a Jew? Aren't they all from the same tribes? Why hold back/ Kill them all. As if enough haven't already died.

Montag said...

Oh, I seriously doubt that Ms. Senor objected to that headline.

Although she might be leaving because she wrote it....

jimmiraybob said...

jimmyray...what about a Jew? Aren't they all from the same tribes?

I would hope that the tone of my comment gives a clue of my snide sarcasm. I hope. Ole Debbie is an ignorant and hateful piece of work. I detest her and mock her and hope that by bringing up her genocidal tendencies at every possible opportunity that I somehow am serving humanity. And I don't mean for dinner.

As to the Jews, I believe that Jesus was a Palestinian and/or ministered to Palestinians which, in Ole Debbie's world, would make him HAMAS.

guessed said...

i don't watch cnn as a rule (except maybe sundays) but i tuned in last night and they're doing a good job covering the gulf oil tragedy. i fast forwarded through the rest.