Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Tyrant of Miracopa County

It's always amazing to me that the Teapartiers decry everything else as fascism, while letting a two-bit tyrant like Joe Arpaio do whatever the fuck he wants (just look at the comments in the article linked below):

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has sent letters to current and former attorneys in the Maricopa County Attorney's Office warning them to watch their words if they speak to investigators looking into possible unethical conduct by former County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

The letter threatens the attorneys with criminal charges if they reveal "confidential" information about the sheriff's inquiries into county Supervisors Don Stapley and Mary Rose Wilcox and Superior Court Judge Gary Donahoe.

Of course, the review of Thomas' actions are, in fact, an inquiry into the Constitutional violations not just of Thomas but of Arpaio.

But, the bottom line is, what the fuck right does the Sheriff of a County have in telling County Prosecutors who is going to face criminal charges?

Fortunately, Arpaio's lackey, Thomas, is no longer in a position to let Arpaio wag his body when the latter grabs the tail.

Romley fired off a letter to Arpaio citing case law and informing him that the relationship between the two offices is not attorney and client but law enforcement
and prosecutor. Citing case law, Romley said that the County Attorney's Office "does not render legal services to the investigators."

As for the threat to file criminal charges against anyone who testifies to the Bar, Romley wrote, "This threat is not only inappropriate but is a clear abuse of your authority as sheriff of Maricopa County. Thereby, I shall be forwarding your letter" to the U.S. District Attorney's Office.


StonyPillow said...

The comments under the article show why the great state of Arizona has become Bizzaroland. They lurves them some Sheriff Joe.

My in-law relatives in Arizona are fed up and would move out, but they're trapped by the crappy real estate market there.

We need to get some buzz going to make Arizona the Teabaggers Paradise. They'll buy up the housing of the sane. They can then secede and call themselves Gadsden (after James Gadsden of the Gadsden purchase and his grandfather, Christopher Gadsden of the Gadsden flag.) And then they can create their heaven on earth.

For some reason, I'm not so worried about Gadsden as a nuculer power.

Montag said...

It's not at all hard to understand. Mussolini says the trains run on time. When someone points out, "like hell they do," Mussolini sends out the Black Shirts to beat up the miscreant.

Teabaggers call that "justice," and maintaining "law and order."

Thus has it ever been. Sheriff Joe just hasn't found a suitable balcony yet. When he does, the teabaggers will swoon.

Anonymous said...

And after inflicting much hardship and suffering on the sheeple, he may well deserve to be found hanging from a lightpole as Mussolini was.Vox

pansypoo said...

but their fascism is patriotic.