Thursday, June 28, 2012

About those death panels

FoxNews -- an entertainment division of NewsCorp -- goes the scary movie route:

Megyn Kelly hosted a panel of doctors to discuss the Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care) yesterday – and I’m sure you’ll be shocked to know that all three of them opposed it. But what really was shocking was their reasoning that it would create too many patients which would negatively impact those who already have coverage. Rather than consider ways to increase health care providers, they all seemed to think the solution was to make sure there weren’t too many health care consumers. In other words, people should go without treatment so that those who already have coverage are not inconvenienced. Even worse, the doctors complained that too many people would “overuse” medical services.
Yes, the death panel applies to those who should just sit at home (or in the street) and die.

It's all right there in the Hypocritic Oath these "FoxNews" entertaiment doctors took.


Montag said...

It's not exactly a one-to-one comparison, because Canada is a single-payer system, but Canadian doctors say exactly the opposite. They are able to treat more patients and still have more free time for themselves because they are not spending fully half their day or more arguing with insurers about treatment, and they generally say they can spend more time with patients when necessary.

It sounds as if Fox's doctors come from that AMA subset that believes that an artificial shortage of doctors is a good thing--in a fee for service environment, of course--because it keeps revenue high.

That they're chronically overworked and short of sleep and prone to make mistakes isn't part of their equation, though, is it?

JDM said...

Bastid fucks.

Sharon said...

Another point about health care here in Canada. Where I live it seems that people are less likely to go to the doctor for minor issues (like a cold) than they are in California (where I came from).

I found it surprising especially in the view of some that universal health care will cause people to go to a clinic for a hangnail.

pansypoo said...

you'd think they'd love death panels.