Monday, June 25, 2012

Mittens the Corporate Raider...

How fitting, Michael Milken -- the poster child for 80's Wall Street sleaze and insider trading, was key in taking Mitt Romney from fabulously wealthy, to Super "Fuck You" Duper Wealthy  ("but but Obama was once in the general physical proximity of William Ayers!!!!")

It does bring to mind something to the tune of a certain Red-nosed Reindeer:

Mittens the Corporate Raider
Had some sacred underwear. 
But when he engaged in business, 
employees he would fire without care

All of the other denominations 
Loved to laugh and call him names 
But when it came to unemployment 
Mitt wasn't playing effin' games 

Then one day in '88, Michael Milken came to say, 
Mitt with garments and skin so white 
Won't you take my grift on sight? 

Then all the Republicans loved him, 
And they shouted out with glee, 
Mittens the Corporate Raider, 
Please sink our econ-oh-mee! 

Oh, by the way, at the time Mittens took Milken's millions...he knew Milken was under investigation for criminal behavior -- the one's the latter would go to jail for in 1990.
"But what distinguishes this deal from the nearly 100 others that Romney did over a 15-year period was his close work with Milken's firm, Drexel Burnham Lambert Inc. At the time of the deal, it was widely known that Milken and his company were under federal investigation, yet Romney decided to go ahead with the deal because Drexel had a unique ability to sell high-risk, high-yield debt instruments, known as 'junk bonds.'"


Anonymous said...

I read this post too quickly and thought it said that Michelle Malkin made Romney superrich. Milken is even worse.

pansypoo said...

what class war.