Sunday, June 24, 2012


I foresee a couple dozen headless torsos being found in this area within the decade.

While most Americans will be enjoying the first weekend of summer outside and away from work, Mitt Romney will host his richest campaign donors at a retreat in Utah where they'll have access to high-profile Republicans who would likely be in the candidate's administration if he wins the race...

 And while the guest list of high-profile Republicans is known, the arguably more important list of donors is not. Romney has refused to disclose the identities of his bundlers, breaking a practice set by presidential candidates for more than a decade before him, including President Obama.


jimmiraybob said...

There are websites dedicated to passing on the hobo signs and symbols used when traveling during the Great Depression. The first one. Might not be a bad idea to print out a copy. I believe there's one that covers "Hobo killed here".

pansypoo said...

make sure it's white as possible.