Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The good news for me personally

Is that the clouds stayed away long enough for me to get my solar filter (but not the telescope, too heavy) and watch the Venus transit of the Sun.

See you again in 2117 everybody.

(pic via Doun Dounell at 

 Oh and this from NASA showing the Venus Transit through various filters (and thus in different wavelengths) is incredible. The perspective of course is such that Venus (only very slightly smaller than Earth and thus much much smaller than the Sun [a very average star btw]) looks like it is skittering barely above the surface of Hell. Enjoy a much greater, beautiful, and valuable use of tax dollars than giving it to Bank of America.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the video.

Athenawise said...

Yesterday was my birthday. I felt privileged to have had such a momentous thing happen on the day of my birth so long ago.

Either that, or it was just plain kewl.

Joe Blow said...

thanks!!! clouded out in NYC

pansypoo said...

i always wait for video. thanks indeed for posting the vid.