Friday, June 15, 2012

I missed it

But FoxNews is reporting that President Obama had the temerity to interrupt a white man while the latter was speaking, having interrupted him first -- as God and Roger Ailes intended.


jimmiraybob said...

Well! When a good God-fearin' white man, a patriot, can't publicly put an uppity negro in his place it's time for the cry to go up far and wide, "We want our country back!1!!"

It's tyranny I tells ya!!1!

If only there were a political party that could represent such a patriotic God-fearin' white man and his burdens.

What's that? The KuKluxTeaBirchPublican Party?

I guess that'll have to do until the secessioning.

pansypoo said...

president homey should drone him.

Anonymous said...

Good idea pansypoo! Just saw a map that has most of the US drone bases in the Red States. Maybe he has a plan.

Montag said...

Ah, yes, this was famed, internationally renowned "veteran Washington reporter," Neil Munro, now working from the next-to-lowest rung on the professional ladder, the Daily Cholera.

Soon to be at the lowest rung, the Washington Free Bacon.