Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Worst war ever

To know one's surprise who knows -- and not to be known to the rest:

The war on drugs is a failure that is fuelling the global HIV/AIDS epidemic, according to a new report from an international panel of experts.

The report from the Global Commission on Drug Policy — which includes six former presidents, British business magnate Richard Branson and former Supreme Court of Canada Justice and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour — condemns tough enforcement policies that focus on criminalization and punishment over prevention and public health programs.

In fact, says the study:

 The war on drugs has led to increased availability, lower prices and higher potency of drugs, as well as a heightened role of organized crime


Montag said...

Funny, I thought we'd learned our lesson about this in the `20s. (The WCTU was never so much interested in "demon rum" as they were in the working man and beer, and they ended up backhandedly creating bathtub gin.)

But, then, Harry Anslinger was great friends with the leaders of the temperance movement, and was probably greatly influenced by industrial leaders who were mostly interested in suppressing hemp products, which were cheap competition for timber and cotton.

So, no, the war on drugs will never end, so long as there's money and power in it. But, I'll bet that if the Koch brothers ever want to invest in hemp (which they may if they end up raping their timber holdings), exceptions will be made.

pansypoo said...

maybe if more pot speakeasies were around.