Friday, June 22, 2012

Oh and one other thing

In Euro 2012, the Greeks play the Germans.  As is usual, the Germans are going to be favored -- but, since many Greeks are understandably upset about the role the German government has treated their people in the austerity crisis it should be interesting.

Especially since Angela Merkel is planning on showing up.

I have to say the quality of the matches is better than the World Cup...cannot say it will be that way in 2016 when they allow 24 teams instead of 16 to qualify.  Thereby giving the Faroe Islands a chance to qualify.  I understand the Right Sheep has good pace, but has a tough time not eating the pitch.*

*joke courtesy of the year1923


pansypoo said...

why isn't goldman sux being sued by greece? AND the EU.

Anonymous said...

Faroe Islands? My kid spent nine months there as an exchange student and actually went to a world Cup qualifier. They lost.

Anonymous said...

On the news tonight: As it became clear Germany was winning, glum Greek fans started chanting "We'll never pay you baack!"