Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Faith and Balanced"

But of course:

The Vatican has brought in the Fox News correspondent in Rome to help improve its communications strategy as it tries to cope with years of communications blunders and one of its most serious scandals in decades, The Associated Press learned Saturday...

... He defined his job, which he said he had been offered twice before, as: "You're shaping the message, you're molding the message, and you're trying to make sure everyone remains on-message. And that's tough."
Let's see:

* Martin Luther, where's your birth certificate?
 * It was the fault of those kids, they're such trollops.
* When all else fails, "something, something, the Jews".


StonyPillow said...

His Eminence Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone (who's really running the show at the Vatican) desperately needs a Fair and Balanced media strategy.

You wouldn't think a global institution that's been around a couple of millenia could change so much in forty years. Now, with the added power of Fox, their transformation is complete.

Flee for your lives, folks, those people are monsters. And don't let your kids out of your sight until you know they're safe.

Raoul Paste said...

Now I'm seeing "Preserve Religious Freedom" yard signs at Catholic churches and homes around town. Translation: "Vote the way we tell you to"

StonyPillow said...

Religious freedom to mess with kids.
Religious freedom to treat women like chattel.
Religious freedom to be as bigoted as they want.
Religious freedom to stay tax exempt while playing politics.
Religious freedom to delay getting healthcare to the uninsured and preserve profits for Catholic Healthcare Inc.
The Roman Catholic Church in America serves no more useful purpose than Phillip Morris or Lorrilard.

jimmiraybob said...

I guess the Vatican finally just decided to get what the radical Protestants already got - better propaganda.

The revered Word of God now has experienced help.

jimmiraybob said...

Raoul Paste - Now I'm seeing "Preserve Religious Freedom" yard signs at Catholic churches and homes around town.

Looks like it's just about time to fire up the olde but goode, "Papist minions of the Anti Christ Whore of Babylon - unholy allegiance to foreign princes" machine. [starts looking through US Founding era literature]

Anonymous said...

How many kids did he diddle toget the job?

pansypoo said...

evolve? are you mad?

hairdressing salon furniture said...

Media always makes life complicated. The Vatican shouldn't have brought in the Fox News correspondent in Rome.

Julia Ionov said...

"sigh" When it comes to media, it just gets worse. Hope the Vatican have their peace of mind already.
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