Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shorter Grover Nordquist

"How dare Jeb Bush say modern conservatives are too extreme. Kill him!"


Montag said...

No one should make Jebby out to be a hero in this. He's completely untrustworthy (he's a Bush, after all), and many of the extreme positions taken by Scott in Florida are just follow-on efforts initiated by Jeb.

Nor should anyone ever forget that Jeb used the entire mechanism of the Florida state government to throw a national election.

He's even more dangerous than his brother, if only because he's smarter.

business card printing said...

What's with Jeb? Why is he so famous nowadays? He better keep his mouth shut if he doesn't have anything good to say.

pansypoo said...

i think grover is seeing cracks. tho, they are barely wrinkles.

Anonymous said...

Should we now believe that Jebby is the prince who will drown the evil dragon Norquist in his bathtub and save us all?