Thursday, June 28, 2012

Health Care Reform upheld

5-4 under Taxing power.  Which is the bottom line.

But only 4 justices viewed it as permitted under the Commerce Clause, which is a troubling trend toward the Lochner fans redux from the Court.

In case you are wondering, that alone is enough reason to vote for Obama.


jimmiraybob said...

I think that I've read/heard somewhere that this is the launch signal for Operation Second Amendment. Not to be mistaken for Operation Dumb and Furious; The Prelude.

Across the nation medicaid scooters are being armored in preparation to join Glorious Cause II. (Eventually to be known as Lost Cause II.)

pansypoo said...

that kenedy sided w/ the 3 amigos, that is disturbing.

jimmiraybob said...

Well, that didn't take long. Former GOP spokesman starts wondering about the need for armed rebellion.

I wonder if treasonous insurgents are covered under the Affordable Care Act?