Friday, June 22, 2012

If you were not already depressed enough

Then use this list of things Republicans "know" to be true and get practicing your hangman's knot skills. For example: There are a LOT of Republicans who are about to be certain that Abraham Lincoln really did hunt vampires -- and to be honest at least the movie is slightly more accurate than Bill O'Reilly's book.


DrDick said...

John Stuart Mill was wrong, they all really are profoundly stupid.

pansypoo said...

looks like some stupid on all sides. they just have more.

jimmiraybob said...

Hey, I have a question to add to the next poll.

Q: When Mitt RMoney (R-RMoney Investors) says that he's all about creating jobs, in which country or countries do you think that he's referring to?

A) Asia
B) China
C) Central and South Americas
D) United States
E) Doesn't really matter, jobs are jobs as long as investors can profit nicely (A, B and C are not necessarily excluded)