Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Glower Power

The last week has demonstrated that the self-styled "hepcats" of conservatism just want to rock.
Exactly one week ago Washington Post readers had to endure perhaps the most unrequested combination of all-times.
George Will writes about the Beach Boys
One would think it could not go down from there, but the well is indeed very deep. By Friday, June 22nd, Jeffrey Goldberg was sticking up for New Jersey's "Girthy Pamela Des Barres" Chris Christie and his constant stalking of Bruce Springsteen with love unrequited -- why won't you love me, Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce?

Perhaps because you are an asshole?

But amazingly, the Boss's nightmare was not at an end, and he could not escape right-wing camp followers no matter what preventative measures he took, just yesterday it was David Brooks:
They say you’ve never really seen a Bruce Springsteen concert until you’ve seen one in Europe, so some friends and I threw financial sanity to the winds and went to follow him around Spain and France.
First, who the hell is "they"? Second, Is there a greater sign of cultural danger to rock music than David Brooks and his "friends" (can I dub them the "BoBros"?) traipsing around foreign nations to see it?

Now I'm just waiting for Charles Krauthammer's report on his love of REO Speedwagon.

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Montag said...

Oh, fuck, now we're in for story after story on the "misunderstood" Up With People....

kth said...

They say you've never really seen a Wu-Tang Clan concert until you've seen one in Canada.

They say you've never seen a George Strait concert until you've seen one in Japan.

actually the last one might be true.

Raoul Paste said...

Apparently David Brooks has not listened to or understood Bruce's latest album.

Next, Brooks will be telling us that he's a Green Day fan.

jimmiraybob said...

Don't you think this is Brooks' way of telling Christie to eat it? Good old one-upsmanship?

Hey David, they say that you've never seen a Bruce Springsteen concert until you've seen one in deep outer space. Better get rollin'.

pansypoo said...